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Cambridge85 is a niche transformational leadership consultancy that specializes in the organ, tissue and eye donation and transplantation space. As evidenced by our founder Simon Keith’s leadership in catapulting the worst performing organ procurement organization in the United States into the best in the world, this organization is dedicated to helping organizations change the way things are done in a transparent, authentic and results-driven way.

We partner with:

  • organ procurement organizations
  • transplant centers
  • hospitals
  • non-profits
  • advocacy organizations
  • policy makers
  • governmental decision-makers


to optimize human performance, improve organ recovery and transplantation rates and SAVE MORE LIVES.

Simon Keith

Social Entrepreneur

Simon Keith is a transformational leader, guiding himself and others to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Personally, he’s overcome health struggles to become one of the longest-living organ transplant recipients in the world. Professionally, he’s changed the trajectory of complex companies and organizations, taking underperforming teams and molding them into powerhouses. Recognized as an expert in the fields of organ donation; C-suite, board of director and management team development; and entrepreneurship, Simon has united purpose and passion to transform the world for the better.

Simon’s rich and unique background allows him to travel across various channels of enterprise with great ease and confidence. In 1986, when he was just 21-years old, he became the first professional athlete in the world to return to professional sport following an organ transplant. In the years following that experience, he successfully built and sold businesses. Simon travels the world advocating for more efficient organ donation and transplantation systems, speaks to foreign governments and corporations, alike, and shares his passion and business acumen globally.

In 2011, Simon traveled to Newport, Wales, to meet his heart donor’s family, and it was there that the course of his life changed forever. Simon returned from the U.K. and got involved with the organ procurement organization (OPO) in Las Vegas, Nevada – initially sitting on the board of directors and later taking a much more active role as the chief operating officer. Simon has been credited with delivering uniquely entrepreneurial philosophies into a traditionally staid and medically driven industry that subsequently led the Nevada OPO to uncharted success not only in the U.S. but also around the world.

During this time Simon also served as a founding board member in his role of creating the State of Nevada’s first and only human allograft processing company – Origin Biologics.

In 2012, he founded The Simon Keith Foundation, an organization dedicated to increasing organ donor awareness and educating transplant recipients. His autobiography, Heart for the Game, details his unique life journey, and he directs the proceeds from his book sales toward providing athletic training for other transplant recipients who undertake an active and healthy lifestyle. In the decade since, The Simon Keith Foundation has raised millions of dollars to support kids who have had transplants as well as spread organ donation awareness around the world.

More recently Simon has built a robust consulting business – Cambridge85 LLC – focused on delivering unique solutions to the organ donation and transplantation ecosystem. Leadership development at all levels, sophisticated financial transactions (specifically New Markets Tax Credit deals), and operational efficiencies are just a few of the channels that Simon works in.

Simon is an investor – and is the chief operating officer – for Rejuvenate Kidney Transplant Solutions, a unique kidney care provider for large self-insured American companies. Partnering with kidney transplant surgeon Michael Rees MD, PhD, and Stanford University professor and Nobel Prize winner Al Roth, PhD. Rejuvenate delivers a most unique solution to companies struggling with chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease.

A member of numerous sports halls of fame, Simon was awarded Canada’s Humanitarian of the Year award in 2015. Simon sits on the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame Executive Committee, as well the Donate Life Canada Board of Directors.

Simon lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been married for more than 30 years to Kelly. They have three children together – Sarah, Sam and Sean.


As Administrator for Cambridge85, Alma Rodriguez is responsible for the planning, logistics, and execution of meetings, retreats, and meeting minutes to enhance communication with OPO executives and department leaders.

Alma has more than 20 years of healthcare experience, from a broad spectrum of small medical clinics with five-plus physicians to specialty and extensive hospital care. Alma migrated to the non-profit sector focused on organ donation and transplantation where she created and implemented a targeted outreach program to increase awareness for the importance of organ donation in multicultural communities.    

She quickly found her love to serve others through patient advocacy. Alma decided to further her education in 2008 after earning a promotion to supervisor of health information technology at a local hospital. She completed her associates degree in 2013. Shortly after discovering her dedication to process management, operations, planning and execution, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Management with a focus in communications from Nevada State College. In 2019, she completed her master’s degree in healthcare from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Alma resides in Las Vegas. She enjoys making memories with her family and finds gratification from serving her community. She is a court appointed special advocate, which allows her to advocate for children in the foster care system. She serves as an active member of the Simon Keith Foundation and the American College of Healthcare Executives.

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