Leadership Development

It’s all on us.
All of the time.

The choices we make.
The things we do.

Everything else is an excuse.

                                   –Simon Keith

Leadership development is a must have in today’s rapid-fire workplace. Leaders are more disengaged than ever, and are leaving the workforce in droves. Effective leadership training can ensure your team is connected to the organization, has role clarity, and is able to strategically problem solve in order to achieve your mission. Simon will use his relentlessly positive style to grow them in a supported manner.

Unlike any other trainer you’ve utilized, Simon Keith brings it. He takes the passion he relied on to return to sports following a heart transplant and applies it to work settings where people want to achieve.  His program, The Rolling 90 Days, is designed to disrupt an average life, and make comfortable people uncomfortable. Participants move from auto-pilot to pilot by regularly assessing where they are, and what they’re doing, to evaluate, analyze and strategize.

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I’ve done a lot. I’m proud of every single achievement on my timeline. Some were pure pleasure, an adrenaline rush, a profound joy, some admittedly were tough, one or two felt like hell.  

But there’s one thing I do best – the absolute BEST. And it gives me gratification – consistently. I grow humans.

I don’t mean I mentor people. No. I mean I grow humans in a way that is 100% authentic, and just as importantly, is experienced as authentic, by those I partner with.

I grow people a number of ways and I am wildly successful at it.  It’s my intention to grow you. If you allow me.

There’s a caveat. I can’t hack success. I can’t short-change the Laws of Physics or crunch The Compound Effect down for you. There’s no short-cut to significant success, the type that burns like a light within you. Significant success has nothing to do with your bank balance or resume.

If you’re looking for a short-cut this book isn’t for you. This book belongs to anyone who wants to seriously raise the bar in every area of their life. It requires heavy-lifting, hard core inner work. It belongs to people who want to achieve extraordinary things with this one life.

The process will reach into places where you’re not comfortable or even knew existed.  It will force and push and poke and trigger. Ready? 

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