Simon Keith is the first person in the world to play a professional sport after undergoing a heart transplant, having received the heart of 17-year-old welsh boy in 1986. Their story has been well chronicled including an ESPN E:60 feature, “A Change of Heart”.

Simon Keith is not just a former professional soccer player and one of the longest-living organ transplant recipients in the world, Simon is a world renowned speaker, having shared his remarkable story at the White House, as well as the British and Canadian Parliaments, and with audiences around the world. Captivating audiences with his incredible story, Simon challenges people to find their “moments of truth” and dares them to live.

Now one of the longest living organ transplant recipients in history, Simon has signed a major movie deal about his life with Kennedy Marshall Entertainment and the legendary movie producer Frank Marshall (Jurassic World, Jurassic World; The Fallen Kingdom, The Jason Bourne movies: Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum, Legacy, Jason Bourne; Sully; Back to the Future movies 1, 2 and 3; Raiders of the Lost Ark; and many, many more).

Simon is a dynamic speaker that will motivate, inspire and enliven your group. Book Simon to be a speaker at an upcoming event.


Simon Keith travels cross-country captivating audiences with his “moments of truth” speeches and daring people to live. Watch the Simon Keith Keynote speaker promo reel to see for yourself why Simon is a highly sought-after keynote speaker.

In our lives, all of our lives, we tend to define ourselves by MOMENTS. These moments shape who we are and how we view ourselves. The birth of a child, getting married, and a big promotion are all moments that many of us celebrate. But what if the moments in your life are not always expected? How do you prepare for moments when you don’t know when or how they will come? Why do some people seem to ‘execute’ their moments better than others? What if your moment seems bigger than what you can handle? Simon talks about the Moments in his life and how “being flat on your back at age 21, and about to have your heart taken out of your chest” certainly qualifies as a Moment. This story beautifully details how Simon moved forward from that potentially crippling event and was able to live an incredible heart-stopping life.

Why does FEAR inhibit our behavior? Why do we allow FEAR to become the overriding presence in our lives? How can overcoming FEAR become the number one difference that makes the ultra-successful different than the masses?  Simon explores this concept as part of his LEADERSHIP training and pushes the audience to come to grips with their fears, and what steps they can take to overcome this often debilitating state of mind. After participating in this KEYNOTE speech – you will be motivated more than ever to implement the strategies to overcome YOUR FEARS.


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