Authorization and Tissue Consulting

Our experts are here to unleash to potential of your organ, tissue, and eye operational and leadership teams. The most unique and challenging field in the world deserves the right tools. Leverage expertise in managing OPO operational teams, authorization, and suitability. We offer tailored solutions to fit your needs:

We will work with your team to identify critical issues, use authorization and suitability data to create successful execution plans, and develop a both acute and long-term training programs for sustainable performance.

Tailored workshops on donation conversations, rule-in medical suitability, and efficient coordination practices will take the reactionary guesswork out of management and create clarity on how to make donation happen. Watch your authorization and suitability rates change and sustain. It’s not about just changing the process; it’s about instilling deep-rooted personal belief in advocacy for every step of the case.

Authorization & Donation conversation workshops

criteria & rule-in suitability training

operational best practices, data analytics, and management for donation services (operations)

training program & management consulting for donation services (operations)


See what participants at LifeGift, Donor Network West, Lion’s Eye Bank at Baylor College of Medicine, Nevada Donor Network, and Life Connection of Ohio are saying:

  • “The presenter had amazing enthusiasm and was genuinely passionate.”
  • “This training was not only valuable to me in relation to my career and life in general but it was a training I also thoroughly enjoyed.”
  • “This was without a doubt the best training I have ever gotten.”
  • “The impact of having a training provided from someone who actually comes from the industry and knows the job was more beneficial than past training.”
  • “I can’t imagine how successful this business would be if everyone was as passionate and excited about donation as our trainer. They were very enjoyable.”
  • “The presenter is a joy to listen to and interact with.”
  • “(My staff member)’s authorization rate was 85% the month after training.”
  • “This is the best training I have ever been to!”

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